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2005 SIGHT Activities

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  • 2005/01/26: Meeting with Anne Hilty (American Mensan)
    • Writer: Yoonjoo Choi
    • Dr. Anne Hilty arrived in Seoul on the 26th of January, 2005. She was supposed to stay at my home for a couple of days. However, the English institute she already contacted provided a residence for her before her arrival. We went to Techno-mart, Kyobo Bookstore, and a green tea cafe to buy daily-electrical necessaries as well as some books about Korea and Korean language. She is particularly interested in acupuncture, politics, and history of Korea. She also grasped a lot of knowledge of Korea from books and webpages; the information she already knew was correct, and she even knew more than me. The reason why she came to Korea is that Korea is regarded as the origin of Chinese medicine, which is one of her interests. She is eager to participate in the activities of Mensa Korea as much as possible.
Anne Hilty


  • 2005/02/08: Welcoming Party for Dr. Anne Hilty & Snow Sledding at the Korean Folk Village.
    • Writer: Jaeyoun Kim
    • I met her at Kangnam subway station in the morning, and then we went to migeum subway station together to meet Sunghee Kim. We took Sunghee Kim's car and had a lunch together near the Korean Folk Village. Anne Hilty was very friendly and happy to meet me and Sunghee Kim. First, we did snow sleigh riding together at the Korean Folk Village. The snow slope for snow sleigh was not crowded so that we really enjoyed it. We also walked around the Korean Folk Village and took pictures with a traditional Korean house for a background. We also watched a play of a farmer’s folk band, seesaw, and high-wire acrobat. After visiting the Korean Folk Village, three of us had steamed meat dumplings and noodles. Although the weather was so cold, we had a very good time together.



  • 2005/04/02: Meeting with Ms. Elizabeth Levitzky at Mar Del Plata, Argentina
    • Writer: Jaeyoun Kim
    • I arrived at Mar Del Plata in the afternoon. It was really long journey from Seoul to Argentina. As soon as I checked-in the hotel, I fell asleep. In the evening, I tried to make a call to Ms. Elizabeth Levitzky, yet I was not able to make any single phone-call in that the manual of hotel telephone was all in Spanish. There was no single English characters on it. Anyway, fortunately, I got a phone call from Ms. Levitzky and was able to meet her around 11 pm. We had a short conversation at the hotel robby and went to some cafe to have more conversation about the mensa activities in Argentina and Korea. Although it was not a long meeting, I really enjoyed the time with her. Moreover, we were able to talk about many interesting topics and share our ideas on mensa activities. 


  • 2005/04/04: Meeting with Ms. Elizabeth Levitzky and Mr. Paul Croppi at Mar Del Plata, Argentina
    • Writer : Jaeyoun Kim
    • In the evening, Mr. Paul Croppi made a vist to me when I was in the middle of some reception at my hotel. I was very suprised by his visit in that we were supposed to meet the following day. Anyway, it was very nice to meet another Mensan at Mar Del Plata. We shared some ideas of Mensa activities and called Ms. Elizabeth Levitzky to have a dinner at the restaurant near by. Since I was so tired due to my work and a reception, we did not have much conversations, yet we were able to talk about activies such as the WorldConnect Program to form a friendship between Mensa Korea and Mensa Argentina.


  • 2005/07/09: Meeting with Robert in Luxembourg City
  • Writer: Jaeyoun Kim
  • I sent an email to Luxembourg Mensa at the Incheon Airport right before I took the airplane for Luxembroug. When I got to my hotel in Luxembourg City, I found two e-mails from Mensa in my e-mail box. One e-mail is from Mr. Jean Claude Thoma, President of Luxembourg Mensa. The other one is from Robert. Because of my hectic schedule, I could not meet Mr. Thoma. Yet, I met Robert in front of my hotel. It was very short meeting. We even did not have a time to take a picture together. I should have took a picture. Anyway, I told him about the WorldConnect program. He showed his interests about the program. I hope that Korea and Luxembourg Mensa would have a good relationship through the WorldConnect program.


  • 2005/09/24: Meeting with Mr. Francois E. Aubert in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Writer: Jaeyoun Kim
    • I was lucky to attend the meeting for celebrating the 40th birthday of Mensa Switzerland.
    • 09:30 - 11:00: Breakfast at hotel Cornavin (http://www.fhotels.ch/f/3_cornavin.html)
    • 12:00 - 14:00: Lunch at Athénée 4 Galerie Café
    • 14:00 - 15:00: Discussion cession
    • 15:00 - 19:00: Various tracks: The cathedral from the bottom (archaeological stuff) to the top (view), Boat tour, Laser and regular games, Musée d'Art et d'Histoire
    • 19:00 - 22:00: Cocktail and dinner (Brasserie Bagatelle, near the train station)