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The Service of Information, Guidance and Hospitality to Travelers (SIGHT)

1. What is SIGHT?

SIGHT is the Mensa Service for Information, Guidance and Hospitality to Travelers. SIGHT is a network of Mensans who want to meet other Mensans. Some travel to do so, whilst others welcome traveling Mensans into their homes. At present count, there are 52 countries throughout the world that offer this service.



2. Why SIGHT?

The SIGHT aims to look after both hosts and guests, providing each party with the information to be considerate and helpful to each other. The SIGHT Coordinator will put an intending visitor to Korea in touch with a fellow member willing to provide accommodation.

3. Goal

SIGHT's goal is to provide help to traveling Mensans and help them solve problems they may encounter in a foreign country. SIGHT guests are sometimes seeking accommodation, but sometimes all they would like is the opportunity to meet local Mensans for a meal or just a coffee. They may also wish to visit a town with a Mensan who will be able to guide them.

4. SIGHT as a Host

You're a member of Mensa Korea and you want to be part of a SIGHT experience. We're very happy to have members joining the network.


The best is to send an email to the SIGHT coordinator, indicating what you'd like to provide (i.e. a room, a meal, some of your time, and etc) to foreign Mensans. And in the case of an accommodation offering, please provide the following information:

  • Name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address
  • The languages you can speak
  • Type of accommodation you offer (how many beds, for how many persons) and what can be also used (kitchen, TV, washing machine, and etc)
  • The age range you'd like your future hosts to fit in.

In general, all other information to make it easy to match you with a suitable guest. Remember that you'll always have the possibility to decline any request at a later stage, whatever the reason.


Joining SIGHT does not commit you to taking any particular guest nor will you have people arriving unheralded. It is stressed that intending guests must first contact their hosts and never arrive unannounced on your doorstep. Make requirements clear to the guests (if you require a payment, usage of phone or hot water), this must be agreed upon with your guest in advance.


5. SIGHT as a Guest

You're a member of a foreign Mensa and wish to visit Korea. First of all, we suggest you to look at many Internet sites about Korea. That will answer most of your questions and help you prepare your stay in Korea. Then, the SIGHT network will be helpful for some of the needs you may have.2004-12-19_185057.jpg


Of course, if you like to join a Mensa gathering, things are easy, but for more elaborate requests involving individual Mensans, we ask you to follow these guidelines:


E-mail or call the Mensa Korea SIGHT coordinator well ahead of your trip and include the request you have, your itinerary including dates and all pertinent information.

  • Name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail
  • Languages you speak, proof of membership, age
  • Special requirements, interests
  • Number of persons traveling with you, whether you're smoking or not, mode of transport, and etc

The coordinator contacts potential hosts in his country to inform them that a guest wishes to visit. After a host has been found, the guest is contacted and is given the name of the host. Communication can take place directly between the host and guest.


Note that it is important that all arrangements with respect to the accommodation (housing rules defined by the host, possible charge, hot water / telephone usage, smoking, and etc) be established before the visit. Should any problems occur between the host and visitor, the coordinator should be informed of this immediately.


Important: We strongly emphasize that SIGHT exists only to promote leisure travel and tourism for Mensans and is not an immigration agency, a job-placement agency, nor a source of long-term or permanent accommodation.


6. Contact

If you have a question about SIGHT, please send an email to the SIGHT coordinator.