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Web Credits

This website was designed, developed and technially implemented by three volunteers. It was the product of a great team effort by them. They launched this website in October, 2004. Many thanks to the following contributors:

  • Jaeyoun Kim (김재연) 
    • I want to emphasize that the ones who really get things done are not those with high IQs, but those with strong will power. I am happy that I was able to contribute for Mensa Community with my strong will power and passion. I hope that the members of Mensa Korea will be more enthusiastic for exchanging their intellectual minds with other people through this website globally.
  • Yoonjoo Choi (최윤주)
    • I've never thought I'm talented or gifted. Intelligence never guarantees anything - it can just help us a little bit. A person is weak. But two people are more than twice stronger than one person. I hope this can be a small window for Korean mensans (or any other people) to meet a lot of mensans all over the world.
  • Woocheol Jung (정우철)

And a special thanks to the many International Affairs Committee members who contributed to and facilitated the launch of this website.


Jaeyoun Kim has been managing the website since 2004. Please contact Jaeyoun if you want to volunteer for this site management.